“From Fat Kid to Trainer of Champions”

Mark Ottobre started his journey to success as “The Fat Kid”. At school he had the nick name ‘Pork Chops’ and was told by a teacher that ‘on of a scale of 1 to 10 in useless lumps he was an 11!’

At the age of 14 he fell into the category of gym goers “trying to lose weight”. It wasn’t until the age of 15 that he was introduced to bodybuilding and found the necessary tools to transform his mind, body and life forever.

From Fat Kid to Speaker, Writer and Trainer of Champions

Today, Mark specialises in training both fitness champions and regular folks to achieve extraordinary body transformations in the shortest time possible.

Mark trains champion bodybuilders including a Mr and Ms Australia, as well as top models, athletes and other high achievers. Mark is also proud to be known as:

“The Indiana Jones of Supplementation”

Mark was given this name because of the way he has searched through 1000’s of clinical studies and research papers on a quest to unearth the ‘holy grail’ of rapid muscle building and fat burning supplements.

Mark’s on a passionate mission to expose the lies of the supplement industry that trick 100,000s of people into wasting their hard earned cash on useless supplements.

Mark is also passionate about exposing the lies of food and diet industry that keep millions of people fat needlessly.

He is a fearless advocate of the ‘The Champions Diet’ which has been used with 1000’s of people across the world to build lean, healthy and strong bodies by focussing on nutrition density and smart food choices.

Mark writes for Muscle Mag and Australian Natural Bodz magazines , and is an executive master trainer and coach at the prestigious Australian Institute of Fitness training and educating a new generation of Personal Trainers in fitness and nutrition excellence.

His philosophy is to “Train Hard No Excuses!” and his own peak fitness reflects that.